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Pioneering innovative therapies to improve the lives of those with genetic intellectual disabilities

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Winter 2016 Newsletter

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Dear friends,

We are sending our Winter 2016 Newsletter out to you as the calendar is turning from December 2015 to another January, and a new year filled with hope and promise for children and adults living with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities.

There are so many incredible developments taking place in research right now that there is little doubt that 2016 will bring more exciting news as the fabulous community of researchers we are priviledged to know continue to advance targeted treatments to improve the lives of those living with genetic intellectual disabilities. 

As we come to the end of 2015, I want to extend a special thanks to all those generous persons who have supported our work, making the activities we report in this newsletter possible. We have only been in the United States for just over 3 years, and putting your trust (and money) behind a new nonprofit takes vision and courage. We are mindful of that each day, and are so grateful for your trust.

Dr. Jerome Lejeune always reminded us that research, care, and advocacy are not ends in themselves, but only the means to an end. We are involved in a fascinating human story, and the true “end” of all that we do is the PERSON with intellectual disability. That is what drives us to do all we can each day to make their lives better. We work to keep alive Dr. Jerome Lejeune's hope that all will come to love and respect these people for who they are as human persons, and that the support we provide through our mission will allow them to flourish more fully in society – not that they will gain in value as human persons for what they will be able to DO, but so they can do whatever they choose to do with better health, more opportunity, and greater acceptance in society.

We wish you peace, joy, safety and happiness in 2016, and we extend to you our gratitude again for your support of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. If you have not yet made a tax-deductible gift  you have a few days left before the end of the current tax year. It's quick, secure, and a great way to finish the year as an extension of your Christmas or holiday giving.

We can also accept gifts of appreciated securities. A donation of stock is a great way to double your tax benefit by avoiding unrealized gains on the appreciated shares, and also using the gift as an intemized deduction. 

Mark Bradford