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A "Wall of Heroes"

So, Who is YOUR Hero? 

Please let us know....

Those of us in the Down syndrome community know how special our family members and friends are who have been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome. The world needs to hear how much they are loved, and what special blessings they have brought to our lives. 

To honor those special heroes in our lives, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation has launched a new awareness campaign. We're building a virtual "Wall of Heroes" to share with the world, and to honor those we know and love who are living with Down syndrome or another genetic intellectual disability.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and it is a special time to share with the world what it means to have Down syndrome, what they need from us, and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our family's lives, and in our communities. 

What better way to honor those we love than with a tribute? If you would like to add a tribute to your special hero, you can visit our WALL OF HEROES and submit a photo and breif comment to express your feelings about that person. You can also email submissions to contact@lejeuneusa.org. By uploading your photo, you give the Jerome Lejeune Foundation permission to use your image in promotional materials. 

To honor your hero you only have to follow a couple of simple steps:

  1. 1. Go to lejeunesheroes.tumblr.com to upload your photo and tribute:
    1. 1. Click on "Submit"
    2. 2. From the dropdown menu select "Photo." Select "Quote" if you'd just like to post a phrase of tribute
    3. 3. Hit the button to upload your photo and then write the text of your tribute.
    4. 4. Click "Submit" to finalize. 

We will eventually use these images to create a mosaic of the face of Jerome Lejeune.

If you wish to make a donation of any amount to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA after submitting your tribute, you may do so on our donation page. Make your gift by entering your donation amount and be sure to use "Lejeune's Heroes" to make your donation, and not another fund. Of course, any amount you contribute to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation is fully tax deductible.

You will be asked for your email address, so we'll get in touch with you if there is any problem. Also, feel free to call us at 267-403-2910 if you have any questions or need help. 

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