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Jerome Lejeune, to the least of these my brothers and sisters (DVD)

This DVD is currently unavailable for purchase. 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the death of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, filmmaker Francois Lespes conducted extensive interviews with those who knew Jerome Lejeune, or have been affected by him in some way. He combined these interviews, conducted in both France and the U.S., into a beautiful professional documentary called, Jerome Lejeune to the Least of These My Brothers and Sisters.

Mr. Lespes probes Lejeune’s character through his interviews, and his presentation is enriching and informative. It also causes one to challenge the depth of their commitments when confronted with this man who sacrificed honor and prestige, and even funding for his research program to hold fast to what he knew to be true: that every human being is worthy of respect and that a doctor’s obligation is to defend his patients at any cost from those who might want to do them harm.

Length: 68 minutes.

This DVD contains:

  •  The documentary with English voices dubbed over the French.
  • The original French version
  • A version with Spanish subtitles.
  • Bonus material that includes additional recollections by friends, family, and former colleagues who reflect on Dr. Lejeune's genius, his faith, and ultimately his profound humanity.

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