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Pioneering innovative therapies to improve the lives of those with genetic intellectual disabilities

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Fundraising Toolkit

Thank YOU for helping to raise funds for the Jerome Lejeune Foundation!

If you are a donor to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, it's a small step for you to become a FUNDRAISER and multiply your generosity to the Foundation by engaging your community in supporting us as well. 

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation depends on friends like you - friends who support us financially and make it possible for us to continue our mission of research, care, and advocacy for children and adults living with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities. With you and your community's help, we can work together to make their lives better! 

This Fundraising Toolkit is provided to help you raise money, and have fun while doing it! Explore these tools to get yourself started with fundraising for the Jerome Lejeune Foundation. We are here to support your efforts and help you succed in any way we can. Every penny you raise will benefit children and adults with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilites. Please email or call us at 267-403-2910 with any questions, feedback, or ideas that you would like to see added to our Fundraising Toolkit!

We'd love to hear about your experience and success, too. Please share your inspirational fundraising stories with us so that we can post them for others to enjoy!

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