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Student's Guide to Bioethics

Titled in French, Manuel Bioéthique des Jeunes, the Student’s Guide to Bioethics was first published in 2006 by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation to counter the ideological bias in a qualifying examination in science for youth.  The objective of the Student’s Guide to Bioethics is “to go beyond cosmetic rhetoric to focus on the reality of biological facts and their ethical implications”. The French edition has been a great success: more than 300,000 copies have been distributed free of charge to students, parents and schools that have requested it. The book has been translated into Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and several other languages. 

The English translation puts critical questions facing our society and culture on an objectively scientific basis. It encourages readers to make well-informed judgments based upon scientific fact and sound ethical principles.  The approach is rigorous, yet accessible making this small book a valuable educational tool, not just for young people but also for adults.

The English version is no longer available in print, but you may click here to download a free copy of "A Student's Guide to Bioethics"

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