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Pioneering innovative therapies to improve the lives of those with genetic intellectual disabilities

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"Every patient is my brother"
(Jerome Lejeune)

Inspired by the life of Jerome Lejeune, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation serves as an advocate and friend to those with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities. The foundation defends the fundamental rights of these persons to full inclusion in society, access to quality medical care and educational opportunities, and especially their most fundamental right to life. We look forward to the day when families will be offered positive news of developments that allow those prenatally diagnosed with genetic intellectual disabilities to have the promise of a future equal in every way to their peers.

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation's mission of advocacy is rooted in seeking the very best opportunities for those with genetic intellectual disabilities. Through initiatives such as the "Down Syndrome So What" campaign launched on March 21, 2013, World Down Syndrome Day, and  involvement in the production of videos like "Dear Future Mom" and "My Dear Dad" and "Being Different, It's Normal" we seek to present the humanity of individuals with Down syndrome. Through various educational initiatives and publications we seek to inform the public on the needs of the disabled and their families.

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation conducts informational webinars and events on issues that face families in providing care and opportunity for family members with Down syndrome and other genetic intellectual disabilities. 

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