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Pioneering innovative therapies to improve the lives of those with genetic intellectual disabilities

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Call for Grants

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation's 2016b funding opportunity has begun for investigators researching genetic intellectual disabilities. 

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation is the world’s oldest and largest private funder of research into treatments for intellectual disabilities of genetic origin, especially, but not limited to, Down syndrome. The Foundation’s specific research interest is to discover a means of  treating genetic intellectual disabilities in order to improve the memory, speech, and cognition of patients.

If you are a researcher investigating genetic intellectual disability appearing in early childhood, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation invites you to submit your research project aiming at deciphering the pathophysiology of the cognitive deficits of patients, especially those with Down syndrome and other rare anomalies such as fragile X, cri du chat, Rett, Williams-Beuren, Prader-Willi, Angelman, and other syndromes, excluding autism.

Every type of research can be considered, e.g. from molecular biology to clinical pharmacology to neuropsychology.

Grants are offered for one or two year(s) within the range of $20,000 per year. Clinical projects could benefit from more funding. The Jerome Lejeune Foundation also funds the organization of conferences or courses. 

Applicants must complete the Foundation’s grant application form and submit it along with all supporting documentation by the deadline stated below. The Jerome Lejeune Scientific Advisory Board will study your application and inform you of its decision. The Scientific Advisory Board reviews applications twice a year. 

See the Sample Grant Application here SAMPLE.

Complete the application online at http://subvention.fondationlejeune.org/subvention

Window of Opportunity for Submission of Proposals:

January 16th-March 6th end of business day.


For more information, please contact:

Conseil Scientifique - Fondation Jérôme Lejeune
37 rue des Volontaires – 75015 PARIS



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