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Clinical Trial Opportunities

There can be no new drug discovery without the willingness of individuals to become involved in clinical trials. Many families are concerned about the safety of new drugs, but they can be assured that great care is exercised to minimize any risk associated with participation in these trials. 

New opportunities are continually emerging for families who are interested in enrolling children and adults with genetic intellectual disabilities in clinical trials.  Rather than list all of those opportunities here, interested families can go to the ClinicalTrials.gov website to research the availability of trials in their area. If there are questions about a specific trial, please feel free to call the Jerome Lejeune Foundations. If we don't have the information readily available, we are happy to research it for you and find answers to your questions. 

We have made researching clinical trials easier by providing links below to trials listed by disability. If you see a trial listed as "Recruiting", you can click for information on the nature of the clinical trial, the criteria for selection of participants, and the locations where the trial is being offered:

Angelman syndrome

Down syndrome

Fragile X syndrome

Prader Willi

Rhet syndrome

Smith-Magenis syndrome

Williams syndrome

For disabilities not listed, visit www.clinicaltrials.gov to search for available trials. 

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