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Jerome Lejeune Foundation Releases Video in Honor of Father's Day

As a special tribute to fathers and their children living with Down syndrome, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation will launch a video this week in honor of Father’s Day on June 21st called “My Dear Dad:" A heartwarming glance into moments shared by a father and his very special son.

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation partnered with other Down syndrome organizations in 2014 to launch a video for World Down Syndrome Day called “Dear Future Mom,” that has received over 6.7 million views on YouTube.  "Dear Future Mom" focused on the relationship of mothers and children with down syndrome, and prompted many fathers to request that the foundation produce a video capturing the relationship of fathers and their children as well.  “My Dear Dad” also follows the success of the Foundation’s video “Being Different, It’s Normal,” which showed a young boy who is developing typically, but  worrying about fitting into a world where everyone around him has Down syndrome.

“My Dear Dad” is a glimpse into a very special relationship between father and son.  It shows a young boy with Down syndrome whose father plays with, helps, and inspires him to want to grow up just like his dad.  It attempts to dispel prejudice against children with Down syndrome by gently reminding viewers that children with special needs are children above all, and that the father/child relationship is universal.

The video honors the essential role that fathers have in the lives of children with Down syndrome, and thanks them for their daily love, attention, and care.  More than 250,000 Americans have Down syndrome, and the Jerome Lejeune Foundation offers this video to them and to their fathers, thanking them for their love and devotion.

The Foundation is encouraging viewers to share the video on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyDearDad.

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